Spring Wedding Motif: Butterflies

Spring is (almost) in the air as we make our way into March, which means spring wedding season is soon to be in full bloom! If you’re looking for a spring theme for your big day, perhaps try a butterfly motif. These beautiful fluttering creatures make excellent decoration design and are easily wearable as accessories as well. Butterfly jewelry is great for bridal party gifts and accessories, and it is just as perfect for the bride.

If you are the bride, you can opt for a butterfly pendant, earrings, or even a bold right hand butterfly ring. See my slideshow below for some beautiful butterfly jewelry finds!

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When to Order Bridesmaids’ Jewelry

While your bridesmaids’ accessories may not be as overtly noticeable as their dresses during your wedding ceremony, they should be given just as much care and consideration as the dresses themselves. If you’re outfitting your bridesmaids in matching dresses, especially ones that may need to be custom ordered or fitted, you’ll need to plan and order the bridesmaids’ dresses as far as 8 months in advance!

If you are planning to buy your ladies specific jewelry to complete their wedding day looks, you should plan earlier rather than later. If you’re planning to walk into a store and buy a few identical jewelry sets, you won’t need to worry about your order coming in in time. However, many stores carry only one or two of the same pieces or sets at a time. Depending on the size of your bridal parts, you’ll likely need to place a custom order. The easiest way to get exactly what you’re looking for without having to compromise is by shopping online.

If you’re looking to order personalized jewelry for your bridesmaids, remember to allow as much time as the retailer requires for a custom piece to be made. Some impressive retailers ship out customized pieces within 24, hours; others may require up to 3-4 weeks for a piece such as a monogram necklace to be made and delivered. Be sure to read the fine print as to when you can expect to receive your bridesmaids’ jewelry when you’re ordering online.

birthstone_initial_necklaceYou also want to allow extra time to correct any shipping or customization errors. Say you order a birthstone initial necklace for each of your bridesmaids. Human error happens, and you receive two pendants with the wrong initial and/or birthstone. Did you leave enough time to send the necklaces back and receive the correct ones without panicking that you’re too close to the big day? You don’t want to have to compromise the attire selections you’ve worked hard to plan, so do yourself a favor and order your bridal party jewelry early to spare yourself a headache later on!

Valentine’s Day Proposal


Valentine’s Day, along with Christmas Eve, is one of the most popular days of the year for marriage proposals. But, there’s a very mixed reception of Valentine’s Day proposals from those not involved. Is a Valentine’s Day proposal tacky? Many haters of the “Hallmark holiday” would say that a Valentine’s Day proposal feeds into the hype of an already hated holiday.

Others find a Valentine’s Day proposal an appropriate solution to make the most out of what some consider to be the most romantic day of the year. What could be more romantic than putting a heart-shaped diamond on the finger of the woman you’d like to marry on the most recognized day of love out of the whole year?

Valentine’s Day proposals are an age old debate. How do you feel about them? Tacky or extra-sweet?

Black and Gold Wedding

Black and gold wedding color schemes give off a classy, vintage vibe. At the same time, there is a sort of contradictory modern elegance that comes with the two contrasting colors. It’s important that if you choose this bold color scheme for your big day, you accessorize to match.


If you have a yellow gold ring set, you’re off to a good start, although mixing and matching metals is no longer faux-pas. Wearing yellow gold-tone jewelry will complement your color scheme and help tie in your attire to your decorations for a full theme experience. Try pairing a vintage style gold necklace with gold chandelier earrings for a shimmering and glamorous vintage vibe.

gold-vintage-necklace   gold-chandelier-earrings

For a more modern look, choose designer (or designer-style) pieces such as David Yurman, who often mixes white and yellow gold with black accents to tie in all of the colors in your scheme with beautiful contrast.

designer-style-bracelet  designer-style-earrings

Simple Charm Bracelets for Bridesmaids

Here’s a cute gift idea for your bridesmaids- petite silver beaded charm bracelets. They’re made of sterling silver beads over a stretch elastic band , and each one features a different small charm. Options include an angel wing, a tree of life, and a wishbone.

charm-braceletsThey’re so simple, yet so meaningful! Pick the symbol that fits with each of your bridesmaids’ personalities and these little bracelets will remind them of you every day. These are great for layering with other bracelets, so even though this may not be a look you’d like your bridal party to sport on your wedding day, they make a great versatile everyday gift! You can see these bracelets here.

Sparkly Bridesmaids Dresses


I saw this photo on Pinterest of a bride and her three bridesmaids in same-style metallic sparkly dresses, and I instantly fell in love. What a fantastic way to incorporate a love for all things sparkly into your big day! My favorite part about the ensemble is how all three dresses are the same cut, but feature complimentary metal tone sequin embellishment. And surprisingly, they don’t take away from the bride’s gown.

Even more fun would be picking the perfect jewelry to accessorize your bridal party. You can match the jewelry metal to the dress metal, and each girl can have a style all her own, all the while coming together for the full metallic effect. These bridesmaids pictured used a bedazzled strap for the flowers they carry, but I think it would look even more fabulous with cubic zirconia bangles set in a matching metal.

An extra bridesmaid could certainly rock a rose gold sparkly dress with matching rose gold accessories! I love this rose gold channel set bangle. The inside is engravable, too, making it a practical and sentimental gift for a bridesmaid or maid of honor.


For more photos of this glamorous bridal party, check out the full post from masterpieceweddingsbride.blogspot.com.

Just Married “Mrs.” Necklace for Your Reception Attire

If you want to dress like a princess at your wedding with a full, tulle skirt and all of the other fancy fixings, but want to be able to walk around freely and dance at your reception without feeling weighed down, you may want to consider two dresses. Your ceremony dress can reflect your dream come true, but your reception dress can be a short, white, functional dress that still screams “bride” while letting you roam the dance floor freely. If you do opt for a reception dress, your fancy jewelry may not fit the aesthetic. One fun way to transition from formal ceremony to casual reception attire is with a dainty “Mrs.” necklace that is both a fun, functional statement pieces and a nod to your fresh new nuptials.









You can pick from silver, rose gold, or gold colored “Mrs.” necklaces here. They’d be perfect for a transition from the reception to your honeymoon! Kate Spade makes a very similar necklace for quite a bit more money, but the idea is the same. If you’re not the bride-to-be, this would make a very cute gift for her!